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POWR Nutrients Freeze-dried Blended Daikon Radish Seed

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Short Description

Powr Nutrients Freeze-dried + Blended Daikon Radish Seeds

  • Daikon radish seeds are a natural, powerful, and nutritious food.
  • 100 % pure daikon radish seeds.
  • Freeze-drying technology locks in bioactive ingredients.
  • Once ingested, it releases a powerful bioactive molecule, sulforaphene.
  • Scientific research shows that sulforaphene can turn on the body’s self-defence mechanisms, by activating key detoxification enzymes in cells and promoting cellular detoxification.
  • Health benefits can be felt throughout the body.

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Product Description

  • The blended seeds have a subtle nutty flavour, which can be added to any meal easily.
  • Freeze-drying technology retains the highest bioavailability of sulforaphene, which is released when ingested.
  • Sulforaphene is a bioactive molecule that can turn on powerful cell-defence mechanisms in the body.


  • These freeze-dried and blended seeds are produced to enhance general well-being by switching on cellular defence mechanisms.
  • Daikon radish seeds are a natural source of the compound, glucoraphenin, which releases sulforaphene when ingested.
  • Sulforaphene can switch on protective cell-defence mechanisms in the body, by activating the biochemical molecule, Nrf2.
  • Nrf2 assists in lowering inflammation signals and releasing toxic accumulations, as well as reducing oxidative stress within cells of the body.
  • Sulforaphene is known for its antioxidant activity.

Health benefits:

  • Reduction of symptoms of inflammation, supporting joint, heart, brain, gut health, and a strong immune system.
  • Reduction of symptoms of toxicity, improving brain fog, cellulite, assisting weight management, fatigue, and sluggish bowel.

Recommended servings:

  • Tested to yield 8,6 mg sulforaphene per 0.6 g (¼ tsp).
  • 0.6 g (¼ tsp) twice a day can change the body’s detox ability significantly over time.
  • Each 36 g bottle delivers 60 servings (¼ tsp scoop is included in every box).
  • The subtle, nutty flavour and blended consistency allow for easy addition to meals.
  • Add a scoop to smoothies, cereals, salads, avocado toast or sprinkle over any other meal.

About Powr Nutrients:

  • Powr Nutrients is a family-owned business in the Eastern Cape, passionate about healthy and sustainable living.
  • The product is produced on their farm using organic principles, with no harmful chemicals or additives – just pure, natural daikon radish seeds.
  • The seeds are non-GMO, naturally gluten-free and suitable for vegans.
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  1. Barry (verified owner)

    Highly recommended for all.

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