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About Us

Our Story

Healthy Life Cape Town started in 2002 as a retail Health store in the Waterfront by Judith Johnson, a well-respected Dietitian and health practitioner. It has been reinvented in response to the growing need for the convenient supply of practitioner recommended products and associated services to anywhere in the country.

Making nutrition personal through individualised nutrients and supplements

Healthy Life Cape Town is a dedicated online shop that supplies individualised nutrients and supplements selected by leading nutritionists, dietitians and doctors working in the field of functional nutrition and nutrigenomics. Many of these products are only available if prescribed by your health practitioner, and due to the highly specialized nature of the products, are not be available in the retail market.

Deciding on what nutrients and supplements your body needs can be a daunting task. Time and money can be wasted in a never ending search for wellbeing. Science and technology have now given us tools to understand our individual nutrient needs through nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics. This is precision nutrition – without fear of supra unnatural doses which can do more harm than good

If these nutrients can be balanced with correct food choices and lifestyle habits to enhance your body’s biochemical pathways, chronic illness can be avoided.

It is highly recommended to seek professional advice from a registered practitioner when deciding what supplements are right for you.

Exceptional Service

We strive to deliver exceptional customer service. So please contact us to help you with product advice and recommendations or to find a suitable registered practitioner. If you have any requests for products you would like us to stock, we look forward to hearing from you.