Candimex Yeast Infection Relief


Candimax by Biodosa (Pty) Ltd eliminates Yeast Infections & restores a good balance back to your body.

You can expect:

  • Relief from Yeast Infection
  • The killing of all Yeast
  • A Detoxification of the body


Candimex follows a unique scientifically developed formula that can assist in restoring a good Lactobacillus balance back to your body. Yeast Infection Treatment from Canidmex culminates in the eliminating of yeast overgrowth in the body. Thanks to Candimex’s 11 active ingredients, this process comes quickly to your body, offering much-needed relief.

Candimex has a 3 step action:

  1. Kills yeasts
  2. Eliminates the “die-off” fragments of the yeast.
  3. Detoxifies the overload of the liver.