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Natroceutics Quercetin BioActive

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Short Description

  • Increased Quercetin bioavailability by up to 20 times.
  • Utilises Quercefit™.
  • Delivery via Phytosome™ technology.
  • Long-acting (over 12 hours).
  • Conveniently taken once or twice per day.
  • Clinically proven efficacy.
  • Rapid Results.

R395,00 incl. VAT

Product Description

Quercetin is a natural flavonoid found in small amounts across a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Whilst it has various health-related benefits, it is most popularly used and researched in the areas of allergy, inflammation, and immune modulation. Quercetin exclusively utilises Quercefit™ to enhance the bioactivity and efficacy of quercetin, and Phytosome™ delivery technology, which has been developed to significantly enhance the benefits and therapeutic potential of quercetin. This is achieved through a delivery system which encapsulates the quercetin molecules with food-grade lecithin.

Known benefits of Quercetin include:

  • Histamine Regulation
  • Hyperuricemia – Uric Acid
  • Improved Immune Function
  • Inflammation

Ingredients: 250 mg of QuerceFit per capsule (Quercitin 100 mg; Phospholipids 150 mg)

*Natroceutics Quercetin utilises clinically proven Quercefit™ for enhanced delivery, bioactivity and efficacy of quercetin in human health.

2 reviews for Natroceutics Quercetin BioActive

  1. Helen (verified owner)

    Good quality.

  2. Hanli (verified owner)

    My go-to for health needs.

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