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CoQ10H2-CF (Ubiquinol) [30]

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Short Description

CoQH2-CF® is clinically proven to provide superior bioavailability. This is due to it being Crystal Free (CF) and that it is the Ubiquinol form – The most advanced form of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).

CoQ10 is present in all viable cells. Its primary functions include its actions as an antioxidant, a membrane stabilizer and as a cofactor in metabolic pathways to support cellular energy, especially in the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

Several factors can deplete CoQ10 in the body, for example: Aging; some medications (e.g. statins); as well as certain disease states.


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Product Description

Ubiquinone vs Ubiquinol
The reduced form of CoQ10, known as Ubiquinol, is the “active” form of CoQ10 that the body utilizes. Ubiquinol is easily oxidized. When exposed to oxygen, it quickly reverts back to the ubiquinone form. This volatility has made it difficult to create a commercially viable, stable form of ubiquinol to the marketplace.

After a decade of research, the scientists at Kaneka Corporation, developed a patented method to stabilize ubiquinol, making it available for the first time as Kaneka QH™.

Clinical Applications
– Particularly beneficial for persons aged over 40 years or those suffering from Mitochondrial
dysfunction (E.g. Chronic fatigue or Fibromyalgia) – Because with age we produce less CoQ10,
and become less efficient at converting ubiquinone to ubiquinol.
– Antioxidant protection against free radicals.
– Acts as a cofactor in the production of ATP for cellular energy.
– Supports healthy heart function.
– Supports healthy cognitive function.
– Helps to reduce fatigue in persons with mitochondrial insufficiency.
– Supports healthy blood pressure levels.
– Helps compensate for the loss of CoQ10 in patients using statin drugs.
– Promotes healthy cell division & replication.

It comes down to absorption
CoQ10 is highly lipophilic (fat-loving) and in its powdered crystalline form, is practically insoluble in water. This makes absorption of typical CoQ10 supplements:
• Poor: Less than 1% of orally administered CoQ10 permeates the aqueous environment of the gastrointestinal tract into the blood.
• Highly variable: Some individuals absorb considerably less CoQ10 than others.
• Strongly dependent on stomach contents: Fat-rich foods enhance absorption.

• CoQ10 is a large molecule, contributing to its poor absorption.
• When CoQ10 is produced commercially, crystals are formed that melt at 48°C. Upon cooling, CoQ10 re-crystallizes, which frequently results in even larger crystals – and further lowers CoQ10 bioavailability.

Why is Kaneka’s Ubiquinol superior?

Solubility, bioavailability, absorption
CoQH-CF® is a unique, patent-pending, completely soluble, liquid, crystal-free solution of CoQ10 in its ubiquinol form that is clinically proven to provide superior bioavailability.

Upon microscopic examination at 200x, a paste of CoQ10 powder and soybean oil exhibits a crystalline structure, while CoQH-CF® is completely devoid of crystals because the CoQ10 has been solubilized.

After more than ten years of research and process development, Kaneka succeeded in devising a patented technique, and it is now the only supplier of the world’s first stable ubiquinol with the highest possible purity.

Only Kaneka’s CoQ10 has Self Affirmed GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) status supported by extensive safety studies published in scientific refereed journals.

Recommended Dosage:
Take 1 to 2 softgels daily with food, or as prescribed by your doctor. Caution: To be used under doctor’s supervision if you are pregnant or breastfeeding; on prescription medication; or are allergic to the ingredients.

CoQ10H2-CF® – Now available from Medford.

The product information provided is for educational purposes and is not intended as either diagnosis or treatment of any disease, nor does it replace professional medical advice. Report any symptoms to your doctor or health care practitioner to ensure appropriate medical care. Do not stop using any prescription medication without first consulting with your doctor. Due to the unique nature of each individual person’s health, specific results cannot be guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Please read ingredients and dosages carefully.

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