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NEW and IMPROVED, CellAssure+ has a new formula!

  • To stimulate antioxidant and other cellular
    defences within the body.
  • May activate key detoxification enzymes.
  • Scientific research shows that selenium
    supports antioxidant activity.
  • Assists in the maintenance or improvement
    of general well-being.

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Product Description

CellAssure+ 120s – NOW with a higher Sulforaphane yield of 13,2 mg per 2 capsules.

Like so many things this year, EnduraCell® raw material in our product CellAssure+ has also been affected by the Covid fallout. The premium-grade broccoli sprouts missed the growing season, thus impacting the Sulforaphane yield… To continue delivering our premium quality, high yield Sulforaphane, we have temporarily increased the volume of EnduraCell® powder in our product, to 2 capsules.

• 2 capsules yield 13,2 mg of Sulforaphane, which is a slightly higher yield than previously. (NB: Always check Sulforaphane YIELD when choosing your preferred product)

 • We have also doubled the number of capsules in the bottle to 120 capsules.

• The EnduraCell® raw material continues to be subjected to the same high Quality Control standards.

• EnduraCell® is not derived from the milled seed, nor is this 100% whole broccoli sprout product an ‘extract’.

CellAssure+ is 100% whole Broccoli Sprout powder (EnduraCell®) and “yields”  Sulforaphane when a chemical reaction occurs between Glucoraphanin and Myrosinase.

However, CellAssure+ is NOT an extract. Extracts do not contain Myrosinase and extracts of themselves do not have the ability to  produce Sulforaphane.

CellAssure+ is also a nutrigenomic formulation. Nutrigenomic formulations work with Mother Nature to enhance cell function. Nutrigenomics is “the study of how constituents of the diet interact with genes and their products, to alter phenotype”.

Typically for a nutrigenomic supplement to exhibit significant clinical benefit, it must also be highly-bioavailable, a factor which prevents some common supplements from clinically replicating the impressive effects often seen in cell culture in in vitro studies.

Sulforaphane has an oral bioavailability of about 80%. Sulforaphane is a small lipophilic readily-absorbed molecule, with clinical effects occurring at modest doses.

CellAssure+ is produced by a unique process which protects the essential precursor compound, Glucoraphanin and the essential enzyme, Myrosinase.

2 reviews for CellAssure+

  1. Carey (verified owner)

    Impressive results from day one.

  2. Lisa Leathes


    Great quality product

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