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Biomax® Magnesium Advanced

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Short Description

  • 250mg of elemental magnesium per dose
  • 5,000mg of prebiotics per dose
  • Innovative formulation combines elemental magnesium with liposomal magnesium Involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions
  • Advanced Delivery formula includes prebiotic fibres to optimise gut health
  • Provides phosphatidylcholine for added health benefits
  • Suitable for diabetics & vegetarians; Gluten-free & GMO-free; No sugar, soy or artificial additives

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Product Description

Biomax® Magnesium Advanced is a potent magnesium supplement designed to give your body rapid absorption and a stable release period throughout digestion. Enriched with prebiotic fibre, this formula also works for improved gut health, Liposomal technology and includes phosphatidylcholine with the benefit of therapeutic assistance.

Including a highly absorbable and bioavailable complex of Magnesium and Liposome, these sachets are not impacted by the presence of other nutrients found within the body, unlike conventional forms of magnesium. With the use of liposomes transporting the magnesium directly into the bloodstream, the body achieves a higher form of absorption and better bioavailability. This ensures a longer-lasting release period within the stomach, as well as less degradation within the digestive tract.

The first of its kind in South Africa!


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